Title Date Download/Link
Rate Schedule for SECURE 2019-20 under MGNREGA Baramulla 23/04/2019 Download(2 MB)
SECURE MGNREGA 23/04/2019 Download(2 MB)
Disaster Managemnet Plan Baramulla 22/01/2019 Download(6 MB)
Disaster Management Plan Baramulla 21/01/2019 Download(1 MB)
Draft Master Plan Sopore 18/01/2019 Download(7 MB)
Detailed Master Plan Sopore 2032 18/01/2019 Download(7 MB)
Display of Draft MasterPlan for Sopore 2011-2027 for Objections 04/01/2019 Download(451 KB)
B B Vyas inaugurates 4-days sports festival at Baramulla. 25-September-2018 25/09/2018 Download(11 KB)
MOMheld with regard to Aadhaar Based Biometric Attendace of Govt. Employees on 17-07-2018. 13/07/2018 Download(133 KB)
Appointment of Public Information Officer 03/10/2018 Download(192 KB)